Transparent Troffers


The Transparent Troffer, available in both 2 x 2 and 2 x 4, offers a traditional yet modern design with the latest lighting technology. Transparent optics engineered specifically for LED sources are integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials to create a broad range of solutions with superior optical and energy performance. High performing optics allows for maximum energy savings and optimal illumination in a ultra-minimalistic shallow recessed fixture, providing a unique translucent appearance without sacrificing performance. Long-life LED system coupled with an electrical driver delivers optimal performance. Standard drivers are 0-10 volt continuous dimming that work with 0-10V control/dimmer. Tunable color temperature and adjustable wattage provides flexible options.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Model Length CCT
50511-AL TT2A 2 ft Tunable 3000K- 3500K- 4000K
50512-AL TT2B 2 ft Tunable 3000K-4000K- 5000K
50513-AL TT4A 4 ft Tunable 3000K- 3500K- 4000K
50514-AL TT4B 4 ft Tunable 3000K-4000K- 5000K