T-Grid Linear Slot


Featuring new generation lighting solutions, the T-Grid Linear LED lighting system is a unique design which connects it seamlessly to various T-grid ceilings. It offers lighting designers the freedom to create innovative and functional designs with the various possible configurations. The slot version is available in 2’ and 4’ units for 9/16” grids with a parallel remote driver, which connects up to 3 T-Grid linear pieces per driver. Cords can come in plenum and non plenum rated.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Model Length Watts Width CCT
50465-AL TGLS/2/D/10W/30K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 3000K
50466-AL TGLS/2/D/10W/35K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 3500K
50467-AL TGLS/2/D/10W/40K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 4000K
50468-AL TGLS/2/D/10W/50K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 5000K
50469-AL TGLS/4/D/20W/30K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 3000K
50470-AL TGLS/4/D/20W/35K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 3500K
50471-AL TGLS/4/D/20W/40K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 4000K
50472-AL TGLS/4/D/20W/50K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 5000K
50438-AL TGLD30W Driver for 2 ft fixtures   1 driver for 3 fixtures
50447-AL TGLD60W Driver for 4 ft fixtures   1 driver for 3 fixtures