T-Grid Linear Dimensional Tee


Featuring new generation lighting solutions, the T-Grid Linear LED lighting system is a unique design which connects it seamlessly to various T-grid ceilings. It offers lighting designers the freedom to create innovative and functional designs with the various possible configurations. The dimensional tee version is available in 2’ and 4’ units for 9/16” grids with a parallel remote driver, which connects up to 3 T-Grid linear pieces per driver. Cords can come in plenum and non plenum rated.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Model Length Watts Width CCT
50473-AL TGLDT/2/D/10W/30K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 3000K
50474-AL TGLDT/2/D/10W/35K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 3500K
50475-AL TGLDT/2/D/10W/40K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 4000K
50476-AL TGLDT/2/D/10W/50K/A 2 ft 10 9/16″ 5000K
50477-AL TGLDT/4/D/20W/30K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 3000K
50478-AL TGLDT/4/D/20W/35K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 3500K
50479-AL TGLDT/4/D/20W/40K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 4000K
50480-AL TGLDT/4/D/20W/50K/A 4 ft 20 9/16″ 5000K
50438-AL TGLD30W Driver for 2 ft fixtures   1 driver for 3 fixtures
50447-AL TGLD60W Driver for 4 ft fixtures   1 driver for 3 fixtures