T-Grid Channel Surface


The TGrid Channel Surface Series is the ultimate line in versatility. Its integrated driver allows for surface or recessed installation and can be used for walls as well. It is CCT adjustable and wattage adjustable on the 4 ft length. At less than 1” thick it provides a sleek and contemporary appearance.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Model Number Length Width Wattage CCT
50930-AL TGCS/2/4/20W/K/ADJ 2 ft 4″ 20W Tunable 30-35-40K
50931-AL TGCS/2/6/20W/K/ADJ 2 ft 6″ 20W Tunable 30-35-40K
50932-AL TGCS/4/4/W/K/ADJ 4 ft 4″ Tunable: 20W – 30W – 40W Tunable 30-35-40K
50933-AL TGCS/4/6/W/K/ADJ 4 ft 6″ Tunable: 20W – 30W – 40W Tunable 30-35-40K