T-Grid Channel Recessed


The TGrid Channel Recessed Series features an ultra thin profile which makes it perfect for recessed installations. It is available in 4” and 6” widths as well as 2 ft, 4 ft, and 8ft lengths to accommodate any space. The color temperature can be customized and adjusted as needed. It adds a sleek minimalistic design, suitable for various applications.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Model Number Length Width Wattage CCT
50831-AL TGCR/2/6/20W/K/ADJ 2 ft 6″ 20W Tunable 30-35-40K
50835-AL TGCR/4/4/40W/K/ADJ 4 ft 4″ 40W Tunable 30-35-40K
50832-AL TGCR/4/6/40W/K/ADJ 4 ft 6″ 40W Tunable 30-35-40K
50833-AL TGCR/8/4/80W/K/ADJ 8 ft 4″ 80W Tunable 30-35-40K
50834-AL TGCR/8/6/80/W/K/ADJ 8 ft 6″ 80W Tunable 30-35-40K