Horizon Linear


The suspended Horizon Linear is a commercial pendant lighting fixture. The unique design is nearly transparent when off and provides excellent uniformity and efficiency when on. 4mm thick acrylic optical light guide coupled with high efficacy LEDs, precisely controls light distributions between the direct surfaces below and the ambient area above the fixture, making the illusion of the light floating in mid-air. Internal constant current driver can be easily replaceable with 0-10V dimming input. It is available in both 4 foot and 8 foot lengths.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Model Length CCT
50510-AL HL4KADJ 4 ft Tunable 30-35-40K
50580-AL HL8/30K 8 ft 3000K
50581-AL HL8/35K 8 ft 3500K
50582-AL HL8/40K 8 ft 4000K
50583-AL HL8/50K 8 ft 5000K